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For the Austrian agency we were able to implement an impressive new visual production for the "Raiffeisenbank Erfolgscup" within the hydro-shield show at the Scalaria event resort in St. Wolfgang at Lake Wolfgang. For the final event, the hydro-shield show was expanded to include new elements for 200 invited guests and a rope acrobat was staged with the new visual show back projection right in front of the projection.

Under the claim "# Wirmachtsmöglich", the 12-minute show was framed by static side images, while a skillful mix of projection, light, lasers and pyro show as the final highlight and crowning conclusion of the event series was presented the audience, right in front of the breathtaking natural backdrop of Lake Wolfgang.


Concept & Eventorganizer - Agency

Event Management: Karl Hintermeier
Visual Production  Modulux

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