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In this elaborately staged installation show, the cheeky little marmot “Murmel” took us on a journey through alpine-urban worlds between the imposing Nordkette and the city of Innsbruck. Mighty, rough and breathtakingly beautiful: the forces of nature that make up today’s alpine world , were the focus of the 8-minute (?) mapping show, which was performed more than a hundred times over 53 days. From the formation of the ancient continent of Pangea, the audience was guided through glowing lava flows and sea worlds to the unfolding of the mountain ranges, with the three sides of the inner courtyard facade are visually stunning and packaged in a spectacular 3D mapping show. The facades of the Imperial Hofburg were not just a canvas, they also functioned as a constantly changing, creative element that was impressively combined with the light show and not only playfully linked the visual worlds, but also the architecture impressively with depth effects and optical illusions skilfully staged. With more than 135,000 (?) visitors, the installation was an absolute crowd puller and served as a flagship for the Innsbruck tourism association.


Client: Innsbruck City

Production: MODULUX (Implementation by J.Menneweger @ Lichttapete)

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