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INFINITY was building a bridge between our planet and the universe, the church "Capela de Nossa Senhora da Piedade" in Loulé was one of the installation highlights at the annual LUZA Festival. The live show comprised a 360 ° mapping projection onto the given architecture in combination with a circle of 12 moving lights

From a distance, the circular, moving skybeams defined the church as the centerpiece on the hill, thereby visually connecting it to the sky and the universe. Soundscapes by Tofa accompanied the live event. With the Robe Mega Pointe, we created an artpiece that became an eye-catcher for every visitor, both close up and from a distance.


Concept & Projection & Lightingdesign: Christopher Noelle & Rick Kay

Lightoperator: Jimmy Andrwoski

Sound: Christopher Noelle

Project Management: Ana Fernandez Paula Fernandez - Eventorslab

Projection Tech: Flavio Santes - Eurologistix

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