What does Modulux offer?   

Conceptual design, visualisation and technical planning of your projection needs


Content production for facades and objects

Live visuals for concerts and festivals

Mappings und 3D- Shows


Interactive installations


Additional to static projection themes, we deliver also animations and sound-design.


We are accustomed to put a room in scene and to deliver our customer's message.

Who is Modulux?    


My name is Johannes Menneweger, since 1998 I'm engaged with large scale projections indoors in rooms and outdoors on architectural objects.
First experiences with analog slide projections drove me to found the light art collective Lichttapete back in 2001.
Experiments with the still analog technology back then, immediately excited me and I started to dress whole rooms with projections.

The progress of technology opened a whole lot of new possibilities for projections indoors and outdoors.
The term "projection mapping" did not even exist back then, nowadays custom mappings are state of the art.

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Burggasse 89/IV, 1070 Wien