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OFF THE GRID is an audiovisual dance performance that premiered at the Tanzhafen Festival Linz 2022. The piece breaks using conventional patterns in 20 minutes.
Kadir Amigo Memis' body language deforms the visual space we created for this piece. The viewer became part of the symbiosis of dance, visual power and sound.
The dancer Amigo took the audience on a journey through the abstraction of digital worlds, grid thinking was broken down and reconstructed and the audience was kidnapped and immersed in shadow and light. There was a collision of creating and destroying in momentum.

Audiovisual Liveperformance
Concept: Tofa & Amigo
Dance: Kadir Amigo Memis
Visuals/Sound: Chris Noelle aka Tofa  (Modulux)
Camera/Photos: Joel Teodoro/Chris Noelle
Production: Tanzhafenfestival 2022
Curators: Cornelia Lehner, Ulrike Hager, Ilona Roth
Support: Sonn
ensteinloft Team

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