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On the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city of Kitzbühel, we had the opportunity to create an immersive audiovisual mapping show that showed the time jump in the city's history in 9 minutes on the granary - the most central building in the city - for a week. In times of the global pandemic The title "Zeitsprung" couldn't be more aptly chosen, as lockdowns postponed the performance and led to numerous time leaps in the planning and implementation chain. In this case, Zeitsprung not only meant implementing a visual journey through time, but also remaining on call to make any changes to be able to. This made the project a long-running hit, so to speak. Since the virus is not so easy to tame, the premiere of the performance will now come a little late on December 22nd, 2021. The integration of the interactive was implemented through face tracking combined with the narrator's voice of Hakon Hirzenberger and the The Kitzbühel community was integrated through real audio recordings of local school children and of course also of well-known buildings and the highlights of the city's 750-year history. Sarah Scherer refined the text for us in order to get to the heart of the city's history in 9 minutes of showtime. Mathias Jakisic skillfully arranged the soundtrack with voices in combination with driving sounds and special audio effects and took care of the implementation of the final show the corresponding audiovisual adaptation.


Mapping projection

Kunde: Stadt Kitzbühel

Produktion & Programming: MODULUX

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