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At the charity concert "Austria for Life" by LIFE + we were responsible for the mapping show parts of the overture and final on the ORF 2 live broadcast at "Stephansdom" in Vienna.

The entire 3D projections were created based on the 3D model that was produced by us. The giant cathedral up to the temporary heavenly ladder was mapped with projections by a contingent of 20 visual artists. Directed by Gery Keszler, moderator Arabella Kiesbauer led through the evening in 31 script-chapters and the show, which was broadcast live on ORF 2, reached the record high of € 600,000 in donations.

Our two parts were, on the one hand, the overture, which HNS skilfully implemented with lavishly animated scaffolding, crane drives and backlight spot animations, while Tofa was able to let off steam on colorful collages of frescoes in combination with elaborate 3D animations and spotlights, and thus the one sung by the Vienna Boys' Choir Hallelujah perfectly staged.

At the end of the show, a visual gate opened on the main nave, in which the "Pummerin" - the main bell of "Stephansdom" - chimed to visualize the brilliant end.

The elaborate projection could also set a benchmark in terms of size and the detailed 3D adaptation.


Austria for Life -  The charity show of solidarity

Production - Modulux

Content Production Team - Johannes Menneweger, Chris Noelle 

Project Management - ReSA LuT

Projection Tech - Rezac HPP

client:Gery Keszler



We worked on the two sequences of the show for a good two months, generating 8,540 files and producing a whopping 190 GB of content in order to cut it down to just under 8 minutes afterwards.

A number of sequences were taken out again in pre-production, changed and rendered again, only the behind-the-scene gallery gives a small insight into the hidden treasures of our hard drives.

We worked on this project for around two months, producing 190 GB of content, with 8,450 files of material - to finalize all in an 8-minute showpart.

Several sequences have been taken out, changed and replaced in the pre-production, the behind-the-scene gallery gives a little insight into the hidden treasures of our harddrives.


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